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Winter the season of common infections like cold, cough and fever is here. Though, cold weather doesn’t cause cold, it assists transmission of viruses that cause cold infection from one person to another. A nutritious diet to build stronger immune system, few precautionary measures and a healthy lifestyle can help you ward off these infections. 1. Eat healthy foods: To prevent or cure cold symptoms like sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and congestion: i. Eat protein from legumes, low fat milk products, eggs and lean meats, as protein is essential to make antibodies that fight off cold infections and speed up recovery. ii. Take antioxidant rich diet by eating 5-6 servings of green, red, and yellow fruits and vegetables, these help in building up your immunity and early recovery.

iii. Enhance Pro-biotics i. e. friendly bacteria in your gut by eating whole grains, banana, onion, garlic and honey, which act as food for these healthy bacteria and fermented food like curd. iv. Drink lots of fluids i. e. warm lemon water with honey, soup and ginger tea to clear up nasal congestion, soothe your throat and ensure proper hydration of your body.

v. Avoid sugar and fried foods, as these suppress your immune system and hinder in fighting infection. i. Properly wash your hands frequently with soap and water to kill any virus or bacteria you may pick up during the day. ii. Keep your hands away from your face to avoid cold viruses getting into your body through your mouth and nose. iii. Cover up your nose, as cold viruses breed faster in your nose when it is cool.

iv. If you don’t have a tissue, always cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow. 3. Maintain a healthy Lifestyle: Regular aerobic exercise like brisk walking boosts your immune system. Also getting adequate sleep and managing your stress levels will help your immune system to work optimally and fight off common infections.

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