Zovirax cream

zovirax cream

Everyone is aware of the worldwide scare spread by H1N1 and how people developed a mortal fear for this virus and the inevitable swine flu. Instead of becoming the victims of the infection and looking to get cured, it is always better to learn how to ward off the infection itself in the first place with natural health remedies. Most of us know that this epidemic makes its grand entry through oral cavity and the nose. When such an epidemic becomes rampant, it may not be very easy not to fall prey to it. Hence, it is always advisable, a few precautions need to be followed and practiced meticulously to prevent further worsening of the problem. Take care to keep your hands squeaky clean at all times by washing every now and then. Do not keep rubbing your face with bare hands too often other than while eating or bathing.

Do gargle with saline water every time you brush your teeth. Saline water is an excellent antidote and checks the virus from multiplying. Keep your nostrils clean using lukewarm saline water and blow your nose slowly without overdoing it. If you are adept in yoga, you may even try nasal cleansing with warm saline water. Try to adopt Natural Health Alternatives and consume foods which are good source of vitamin C like gooseberries and oranges, which improve your resistance to infections. Consume beverages like tea and coffee which act as sterilizers and rid your throat of the viruses and once the viruses reach your stomach, they are rendered harmless.

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