Zovirax generic

zovirax generic

Genital HPV, Venereal Warts, Condyloma, and Genital Warts, are all names of the same type of infection caused by the genital human papillomavirus. HPV is more common than many might think. The American Journal of Medicine published, that 74 percent of Americans have been infected with HPV at some point in there lives. That's three out of every four people! Most people with Genital HPV show no symptoms.

Only roughly 1% of sexually active people will have Genital warts, at any given time. The virus can lay dormant in the body for weeks, and some researchers say even years. Other times minor symptoms will appear and clear on their own. Most people are diagnosed with HPV only after uncomfortable symptoms appear. Even then, it is impossible to know how long the infection had been laying unnoticeable.

Lets get more specific: Genital human papillomavirus is a virus. Viruses cannot grow and reproduce on their own, but are dependant on host cells. (Yours. ) This makes them fundamentally different from cellular organisms. As viruses are not affected by antibiotics, treatment is mainly geared toward relief of symptoms.

As an example: we have been taught to treat the symptoms of the common flu, as there is no cure for the flu itself. Ok, so now back to warts. Warts are non-cancerous skin growths caused by a viral infection in the top layer of the skin. Read more. .

. Genital warts will appear as flesh colored, small bumps, or groups of bumps. They may be flat or dome shaped, small or large. Sometimes they appear reddish or brown in color. Many people have no discomfort from the warts themselves.

Others, may have occasional burning pain. The warts often start as tiny, soft pink or red swellings, that grow rapidly into rough irregular bumps. These bumps may stay or grow in the same area, giving the appearance of cauliflower. Read more. .

. How do I get rid of these things? There is no outright cure for Genital warts. In children, 50% of warts will disappear within 6 months; 90% are gone in 2 years. They are more persistent in adults but they clear up eventually.

As HPV is a virus, it is the body's own immune system that will be required to defeat the infection. That being said, there are various treatments for the warts themselves. Read more. . .

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