Zovirax ointment

zovirax ointment

The common cold can make anyone feel tired and miserable; however it's not a serious virus. Unfortunately, other than time, there is no defined medicine for common cold. There are a few methods that can be followed to shorten the time period of a cold as well as to ease the symptoms. There are some expensive sprays and chemical laden syrups that can be used, but natural remedies are more effective. For example steam treatment, drinking warm fluids can alleviate cold symptoms. Herbal health stores sell lozenges made of mint, honey and other natural ingredients. They provide important nutrients that are required by your body to beat the cold and also sloths your throat.

If you are not interested in purchasing these lozenges, you can prepare them at home. In a small pan, pour half a cup of honey, add to it a few drops of peppermint extract. Place the pan over medium heat and keep stirring the liquid and bring the honey to a boil. Check the temperature using candy thermometer and when it reaches 149 degrees, remove the honey from the stove. Place few drops of honey onto oiled parchment paper. Once they harden, use them as cough drops. When you have a cold, your system tries very hard to remove the cold virus from your body and so you have a running nose.

Consuming warm liquids helps to thin the mucus. There are many herbs available in the herbal store that helps to cure and prevent the common cold. Apart from congestion, sore throats during a cold can be quite painful. Gargle with a salt solution as this the best way to soothe sore throat. Salt has antiseptic elements which fight against the infection while the water hydrates your throat. In a glass of mildly warm water, dissolve one teaspoon of salt, and then gargle your mouth with this solution. Add a little of baking soda to it, if you feel the saltiness taste is unpleasant.

Make sure you gargle your mouth with this solution at last three times a day. Eating a balanced and healthy food along with regular exercising will help your body fight against cold infections.

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